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  • Crossdresser Makeup Tips For The Holidays Part One

    It’s that time of year again! The holidays are here and you are busy with gift wrapping, cookie baking and hopefully a little feminine dressing! Holidays a time to shine. While many men do not go out in public in female dress for parties and gatherings, it is still  great time to experiment with makeup and achieve that gorgeous, festive look. Here are some makeup products and tips that will help you get through this month with style! Just click on the hotlinks to take you to these makeup helpers.

    All About Face!

    crossdresser makeup

    Let’s start with the basics. The first thing you should apply is a fabulous beard concealing makeup. I’m not talking about a sheer foundation here! Most men need a good, opaque covering makeup that will hide pores, small blemishes and even the quickly growing beard stubble that might crop up during your night out. The best choice is a paramedical concealor or tattoo covering makeup. Applied in a thin layer over the face, neck and even ears, this waterproof makeup will cover everything! This creates a smooth, flawless palette for your makeup application. It takes the place of a foundation, and only needs a small amount of powder to set it. You can apply your blush and other colored makeup right over it.

    Let’s Create Feminine Lines

    crossdresser makeup stencilsperfectlips

    Many men (and women, for that matter) are challenged when it comes time to create perfect lip lines and eyebrows. Some very creative companies have come up with solutions to help you feminize your eyebrows and lips without the hassle. An eyebrow stencil kit is an easy way to achieve a more female brow. An assortment of stencils are included in the pack so you can create a dramatic brow or a thin line brow. The best way to prepare your eyebrows for the stencils is to use an eyebrow modeling wax as your base. The wax will cover your natural brow completely, and after covered with some concealor, it will serve as a canvas for your eyebrow stencil. Use eyebrow powder to fill in the stencil for a perfect brow. For the perfect lip line, use a product like Perfect Lips, which is a lip liner “guide” you press to your lips and trace around to create a perfect lip line. Fill in with lipstick or gloss for a pretty pout!

    Eyelashes Made Easy!

    crossdresser makeup false eyelashes

    False eyelashes. For many of us, there is nothing scarier! Applying false eyelashes has always been a bit of a chore, especially if you wear glasses or have an unsteady hand. Kiss makeup brand has come up with an ingenious way for men (and women) to apply false eyelashes 5 times easier! Ever Easy Premium Eyelash Kit comes with a pair of lush, long lashes and a tube of 24 hour eyelash glue. The trick is a thin string that you apply to your lash line. The string will line the lashes up perfectly, and then you simply pull out the string after applying the lashes. It’s a breakthrough for lash application!

    Ready, Set, GO!

    crossdresser makeup setting spray

    So you have your face made up beautifully and you’re in the holiday spirit. Of course, you want your pretty face to last for hours. The solution is an easy to apply, quick drying Perfect Makeup Setting Spray. This refreshing, vitamin-enriched mist will nourish the skin and set makeup. This unique formula contains Cucumber, Chamomile, Green Tea Extracts, and Caffeine to soothe, hydrate, and energize your skin. Setting your makeup is highly recommended for Mineral Powders and will give you a perfect finish for non-Mineral makeup as well.

    Next time: Nails, Lip Color & Perfume!

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