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  • “Look, A Man Dressed Like A Woman!”

    We spend hours learning and perfecting feminization techniques in our quest to pass as genetic women.  The perfect wig, gorgeous makeup, the classiest outfit and heels to die for.

    Now picture this… you finish work early one day and rush home in excitement.  This is the perfect opportunity to unleash the woman in you and maybe indulge in some retail therapy.

    You spend a lovely afternoon transforming into your female self and admire the beauty looking back at you in your full-length mirror.  Absolutely gorgeous!  You’re feeling on top of the world and head off to the mall.

    The skip in your step shows that you ooze confidence and are very comfortable in the skin that you’re in.  But before you’ve even entered the first shop, you notice someone pointing at you and see them mouthing the words “That’s a Man!”.  You’ve been read!

    So, what do you do?  Do you confront the individual in question and shower them with obscenities?  Or do you choose to ignore the comment and continue to enjoy your afternoon?  Maybe you would drive back home in embarrassment, wash off your makeup and vow never to go through that humiliating experience again.

    In situations like this, some would argue that tolerance is the best policy.  If others have an problem with you, let them.  You’ll never be able to stop everyone from talking, so why make such an issue of it?  We’re already portrayed negatively by the media, so why exacerbate things by creating a scene.  After all, cross dressers aren’t the only ones that attract attention.  Those with skin pigmentation problems, hair loss, disabilities – in fact anyone that’s perceived as being a little ‘different’ – will attract unwanted attention.  Isn’t it just normal human behaviour?  By not providing a reaction, you’re confirming that it’s not a problem for you and they will soon turn away.  If they won’t stop staring, just stare them out – that’ll soon put a stop to it!

    What is really important is your attitude.  I find that society is generally a lot more tolerant and accepting these days, compared to years ago.  People choose to express their individuality in different ways and in most cases are free to do so.  It’s quite common to see people of different cultures, faiths and sexual orientation living alongside each other quite happily.

    You have as much right as anyone else to be the person you want to be and dress in the way that you choose.  As long as you look and feel relaxed, you will pass.  Yes, you may get a little attention – so what?  Even if passers by do notice that something doesn’t look quite right, you’ll find that most people have the manners not to say anything and will just let things be.

    The point is that you shouldn’t worry about what others think.  Be sensible about where you go and how you dress, making sure it’s appropriate and not offensive.  It’s important to stay relaxed and make your outings an enjoyable experience.  Removing the anxiety will open up a whole new world.

    Article By: Paula Harris

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